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hosting services

With industry-standard web hosting and appealing web design, we are able to provide our customers with complete end to end solutions.

Starting at only $6.95 per month, we provide a variety of different options for hosting based upon your needs, including domain registrations and transfers.

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As a full service, custom design company, we are offering everything from business card and logo design to attractive web design, affordable web hosting, e-commerce, search engine optimization, domains, e-mails and lots of other services. With individual approach to the customers needs, unbeatable quality, attention to details, affordable prices, fast turn-around times and friendly customer service, we're positive you'll find bitmagic to be your best option.

web design

Our web design emphasis is to provide appealing and functional solutions. Each web site we design features custom hand made graphics reflecting organization brand image. As an option we also use our own photography in our design.
Related services: custom style sheet design (css), template construction & slicing, advertising, consulting.

advanced features

We also design and develop variety of features for the web sites: mailing lists, contact forms, e-commerce, dynamic or data-driven content, slide show, maps and mash ups


Our photography services include custom photography for web site design, events, products and e-commerce, photo sessions and post-processing.

graphic design

We custom design everything from business card and logo to brochures and posters. Check out our portfolio - our work says it best.

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Aaron's Moving

April 12, 2010+br474+br480+br1


April 12, 2010+br483+br480+br2


April 12, 2010+br560+br480+br3


April 12, 2010+br597+br480+br4


April 12, 2010+br545+br480+br5


April 12, 2010+br603+br480+br6

Custom Web Design

April 12, 2010+br622+br480+br7


April 12, 2010+br474+br480+br8

RCC Credit Solution

April 12, 2010+br458+br480+br9

LayAwayCredit.com Hispanic Version

April 12, 2010+br628+br480+br10


April 12, 2010+br618+br480+br11

Loupe's House Cleaning

April 12, 2010+br538+br480+br12

Blue Clean Janitorial

April 12, 2010+br546+br480+br13

Bay Express Distribution

April 12, 2010+br480+br480+br14

Photo session for CD cover

April 12, 2010+br426+br640+br15

Event photography

April 12, 2010+br427+br640+br16

Event photography

April 12, 2010+br640+br427+br17

Event photography

April 12, 2010+br640+br427+br18

Photography used in web site design

April 12, 2010+br427+br640+br19

Photography used in web site design

April 12, 2010+br640+br426+br20

Photography used in web site design

April 12, 2010+br640+br426+br21

Photography used in web site design

April 12, 2010+br640+br426+br22

Photography used in web site design

April 12, 2010+br640+br426+br23

Photography used in web site design

April 12, 2010+br640+br426+br24

Photography used in web site design

April 12, 2010+br640+br426+br25

Product Photography - eCommerce

April 12, 2010+br498+br640+br26

Product Photography - eCommerce

April 12, 2010+br385+br640+br27

Product Photography - eCommerce

April 12, 2010+br519+br640+br28

Product Photography - eCommerce

April 12, 2010+br430+br640+br29

Identity design

April 12, 2010+br427+br640+br30

Bitmagic net - promotional

April 12, 2010+br427+br640+br31


April 17, 2010+br663+br773+br32


April 17, 2010+br609+br761+br33


April 17, 2010+br628+br747+br34


April 17, 2010+br636+br748+br35


April 17, 2010+br538+br399+br36


April 17, 2010+br600+br749+br37


April 17, 2010+br633+br788+br38


April 18, 2010+br462+br600+br49


April 18, 2010+br441+br600+br50


April 18, 2010+br361+br600+br51


April 18, 2010+br473+br600+br52


April 18, 2010+br399+br600+br53


April 18, 2010+br448+br600+br54

Door hanger

April 18, 2010+br367+br600+br55


April 18, 2010+br452+br680+br56


April 18, 2010+br398+br600+br57